Welcome to the Retreat.. Before you step through the door into the Retreat, please know that alot of love and care went into the creation of these pages.. The graphics on this page were created by me, my PSP6, and my Blade Pro. So please don't borrow them..*S* I have begun reorganization of my site.. These pages were created with a webtv and are a complete mess..*L* But now that I have a PC, I am going to try and redo everything.. Including the graphics.. I hope to start using my own as my understanding of PSP grows..*S* Here are few things I have done so far, but remeber, I'm still a newbie..*L* My Stuff
I have also been working on a Journal/What's New page, as well.. If you would like to preview it, then just go here.. It's still underconstuction, but I just made new graphics for it, so check it out..*G*.. I'm like a kid in a candy store right now.. *L*

According to Webster's Dictionary the word retreat means: To withdraw to a safe or private place; a safe, quiet. or secluded place; and a period of retirement or seclusion, especially for spiritual renewal.

I liked all the definitions. That is the way I see my little home on the web. There's nothing I like more, than after a long day of being a mom to 4 kids, to just lose myself in playing with my little cyber home. I guess it really is my retreat. I hope you will stay and look around a bit..*S* *Hugs*

I have been playing with my PC cam.. Man it makes me look so awful, but here is the results.. This is what Lady StarShadow looked like a week or so, ago..*L* (I know there is white around the edges..*L* I wanted a Jpeg and that is how it turned out..*L*)

I just joined a new group, called The Charmed Ones..I'm so excited!! I love charms..*S* Stop in and see my new Charm Sheet..*Grin* Last updated on March 20, 2000


Hope is a feeling deep in my heart,
Which I encounter every day;
An emotion which is very warm
And personal in every way.

It is changing attitude,
Of which to others we should warn.
One moment our hopes are flying high,
The next our dreams are torn.

Hope can carry your heart
Beyond the barriers of the mind.
It introduces you face to face
With dreams of every kind.

Hope is the solid foundation
Of dreams, joy and sorrow.
It is the force which encourages us
To carry on till tomorrow.
-Lady StarShadow


Silent pleas,
Buried deep,
Always secret
Dreams to keep
-By Lady StarShadow

**If You are on a WebTV, please use this entrance!! Both are the same, but one uses DHTML and the other doesn't.. The DHTML will shut down your webtv.. Believe me, I know..*L*

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