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Last undated, January 17, 2001

Looks like you stumbled accross my little online journal.. Well, actually that is what it started out as.. Now, it's more like a what's new page.. I guess not much usually happens in my life, except for creating graphics..*L* The most recent entry will be at the top and below you will find a link to the archives.. Hope you will enjoy..You never know what may turn up on this page..*S*

January 17, 2001

Well, this is it.. The last time I update this page.. I've been reorganizing, making lists of what is going with me on this move of mine and this page is staying here.. I think I am going to use a blog for updates to my new site and I have already started using a blog for my journal.. Much easier to update and hell of alot cooler.. *Giggle* I think my sites are going to go in a new direction.. I will be spending a great more time with my graphics site, too.. It's my passion.. In a way, I feel I gave up a great deal for this passion, but it's hard for those that don't have this passion to understand that.. Guess I'm lucky that a few people in my life do..

Guess this is it... This lady won't be hiding behind that mask anymore... Bye....

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