Well, here is some of the things I have done so far with PSP6 and Blade Pro..As, you might imagine, I am having a ball with those two programs..*L* The set I'm using for this page is my first "beveled" look.. The set is still unfinished, but I'm a workin' on it..*L* Not enough hours in the day...*Giggle*
So far I have gone Globe happy!! Love them!! They are just so cool.. Below you will find 3 globes I made.. Sorry, they may take a minute or two to load.. I am still trying to figure out how to make thumbnails..*L* Thank you for taking a peek.. It is greatly appreciated.. *S*

This is my favorite.. I call it The Snow Angel..

I made this one today (March 19, 2000).. It is suppose to be stained glass.. I still need alot of work I think..*L*

That's it for now.. I will share more soon..*S*