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Being diagnosed with very difficult. I felt dirty, disgusting, embarrassed, confused, scared, and angry. I'm very lucky my husband is so wonderful. He was a rock for me and I will always be grateful to him for helping me through the ordeal. At that time I hated to world, fate and most of all myself. What I went through the days following the diagnosis were, I consider, the most painful. The doctor at the clinic I went to weren't very helpful. I ended up calling an STD hotline and the information they gave me was incredible.
People need to be aware of this disease. Of all STDs. Teenagers need to be talked to. I'm not goig to sit here and tell you that you should talk to your kids about sex. I don't have the answer to that one myself, I just know, that when my kids reach dating age, I will tell them. If they are going to have sex, it will be protected. Well that's it. There is alot more infor I could give and as I organized my noted and stuff I will add more facts and stuff. Please, if your interested in learning more about this disease, continue on to the Help Center.. I have natural ways to deal with the disease, resources, links a chatroom, and soon a message board.

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