I'm making changes yet again!!! I'm a woman, I'm allowed.. ~Laugh~ I've been collecting odds and ends and I've realized I have now place to put them.. So, this is my trinkets page. I love knick-knacks.. My homepage reflects that. I like things to be cluttered. ~L~ I'm also a pack rat.. I keep everything!! So please take a look at all my pretty things I have collected. Cards, signs, snowglobes (my favorite!!).. It will take me a few days to get all my stuff on, so when you scroll down and see nothing, that's why. ~L~ Also please, if you have enjoyed my site, please take the time to click on the Top 50 button below.. It only takes a moment and I would really appreciate it..Thanks so much!!

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I have a new questbook!! Yippee!!! It seemed like my guestbook was always having problems, so I got a new one.. Plus I wanted to have a customized guestbook and I couldn't figure out how to do that with my old guestbook..~Grin~

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I have adopted an egg from the site fights!! I can't wait to see it hatch!!
Adopted June 14, 1999

The Site Fights Egg

Well, I'm not sure when it hatched, but it did..~L~I've been so busy moving out of Geo, I didn't check it..~L~ So, I went and got another.. This one was adopted July 6, 1999

The Site Fights Egg

I recieved this flower from Sister Nakia for supporting her in the sitefights.. Thanks Nakia!!

The Site Fights Spirit Flowers
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I'm not sure where the snowglobe came from.. I must have deleted the addy, because I couldn't find it.. If it belongs to you or if you know the lady that made it, please e-mail me.. Until then I will continue my search of the snowglobe webrings.~L~ I know she has to be in one of them..~S~

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