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The mouse guards my sacred space.. Which is kind of funny, because during the winter we always end up with a few mice in the house. One evening while I was doing a ritual, my hubby noticed a mouse sitting in the corner.. He said it was weird, because it looked like it was watching me..~Laugh~ It sat there for a good 10 minutes and towards the end of the ritual it went back into hiding.. I'm not the biggest mouse fan, I'm afraid, so I usually set traps out. But that one mouse was the hardest to get..It kept eating the peanut butter..~L~
The mouse also symbolizes trust, innocence, change, discovery, harmony and balance. I do call on my totem mouse alot when I feel out of sync with myself and when I'm feeling insecure.. My mouse will always protect me..

The last of my totems is the butterfly..As you can tell from looking around some of my pages, I love butterflies.. They are the symbol of transformations, beauty and love.. And to me, there is nothing more beautiful than a butterfly.. They are also a symbol of reincarnation, which is something I believe in. I have always wanted to discover my past lives, but have been pretty unsuccessful.. I have had a few leads, but nothing major..

Well that is it for my totems.. Next I'm going to move on to my families animals.. When we got the Medicine Cards, I did reading on all my children and since then, they have each tried to work with them in their own way..

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