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Welcome to The Lady's Totem Room.. This page isn't going to be a list of the different totem animals. Forgive me, but I don't know enough about the many different totems to list them all.. I will try and include a few links to sites that have a more extensive description of all totem animals.. This page is dedicated to the totems that my family and myself feel the strongest connection to.. I have studied up on those..~Laugh~

I discovered totem animals when I purchased a set of Medicine Cards.. I instantly fell in love with these cards. They were very insightful and lead me to discover my totem animals..

This particular animal is connected to a story.. It was embarrassing at the time, but upon reflection, very funny..~Laugh~
I had been doing angel work, trying to communicate with my guardian angel. One evening, just after midnight, I was sitting in the living room, when my heart shaped baskets fell of the wall with a THUD. They sounded like they had been hit. There was no wind. I checked and the nails holding them up were secure. I deduced that either I had a ghost or it was my guardian angel (GA, for short). What else could it have been.. Things just don't fall of the walls by themselves.. Since I am into the tarot, I thought I would do a quick reading and see if the cards had answers for me.. I was pretty shaken.. I figured when my GA made her presence known, it would be a spiritual experience and the only thing I was feeling at the moment was fear.. Anyways, the cards told me nothing.. I wrote the encounter down in my angel journal and put it at the bak of my mind.. About a month later, I was trying to communicate with my dream animal and every night for a week, right before bed I would ask for guidance.. (I was having personal problems at the time) My hubby seemed to have no trouble remembering his dreams and finding answers in them.. I was very frustrated at this time.. Well, one night, while hubby was on the road (he was a truck driver), I was stirred awake by an unusual sound.. Flying above my head was.. something.. It was dark and I couldn't quite tell what it was.. So I did the only thig I could do.. I covered my head and went back to sleep..~Laugh~ When I awoke the next morning, I remembered what had happened and was very exicted.. My dream animal had visited me in my sleep.. I couldn't wait to tell my hubby about my dream.. Later that morning while cleaning a few cobwebs off the ceiling wih a broom, I felt something brush my arm.. And I'm sure by now, you have figured out what it was..~Laugh~ Oh yes, I had a BAT IN MY HOUSE!! Oooooo YUCK!!! I was out of my house in a flash!!! And to think that, while I slept, I had a bat flying over my head..~Laugh~ It didn't take long to tie everything together.. The bat came in through my older son's window.. The screen had been torn and we adn't replaced it yet.. The bat is what knocked the baskets off the wall..I think it hid out in my attic during that period of time.. My daughters room is right by the attic door and she had been complaing of hearing things inside.. And on the day, that the bat was flying over my head, my brother had asked to store some things in my attic and the door was open alot that day.. We must have disturbed it.. That is my bat story.. But it did occur to me that with the personal problems I had been having and what the bat actually symbolizes, that it did make sense.. Maybe that bat was here for a reason..
The bat symbolzes "Rebirth".. Transforming the old self into a new person.. Sometimes it is neccessary to do.. You need to let go of parts of yourself that maybe infereing with personal growth.. That was exactly the way I was feeling..There was something within me that was holding me back and keeping me from growing..

For this one, there isn't a "little story". This animal is one that I have loved since I was a child.. I guess because of the story "The Ugly Duckling", I had hoped one day to be beautiful as the swan was.. Yes, I did think of myself as the ugly duckling..~L~ To me the Swan symbolizes beauty, grace, and elegance.. I use the swan to remind myself that real beauty is on the inside.. My swan lives inside of me.. Actually I consider my swan, my inner voice..

Well, because of the length of the bat story, I'm going to break up this page into 2 or 3 different pages..I kind of tend to be a little long winded at times..~Laugh~ My hubby says it's part of my charm..~L~ I don't know about that, but I do hope I didn't bore you too much..~Laugh~

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