The Tarot Table

The first time I sat down and did a reading, I fell instantly in love. My first reading was on myself.It was a simple reading, but it was a surprisingly accurate reading. I'm not sure what I had expected to happen, but after that first reading I was a firm believer in the tarot. Thus began my quest to learn all I could about how and why the tarot worked. I never did figure it out. *L* I guess that is part of the magic of the tarot.

Shortly after the first reading, I went looking for tarot books. The more books I bought, the more confused I got. Of course, this is before I learned that the meaning of the different cards comes, not from a book, but from the inside. Tarot books should only be used as a guideline since the meanings for each card will change depending on the placement of the card in a spread and the person with whom you are doing the reading. The different books gave me different information. For example, one book stated that the Queen of Swords was associated with the sun sign, Gemini, while another book associated it with the sign Virgo and yet another with Libra. I love astrology and loved the idea of mixing astrology with the tarot, but the conflicting information made mixing my two loves very difficult. In the end, I listened to my little inner voice and used the information I felt was right for me.

There is one more thing, I think I should add. The predictions that the tarot give are predictions of what will happen if you stay on your present course. No ones future is set in stone. You have the power to change what you don't like. I did. Last June, I started pulling the King of Swords constantly. In this instance, I felt it was a time card. For me, the King of Swords represented the sign Libra. I couldn't get it out of my head that something bad was going to happen. It did. But I strayed off my usual path and the outcome wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been.

As you go over the suit sections, remember that this is my interpretation and only you can choose your own interpretation.

The Suits


Ace of Cups Two of Cups
Three of Cups Four of Cups
Five of Cups Six of Cups
Seven of Cups Eight of Cups
Nine of Cups Ten of Cups
Princess of Cups Prince of Cups
Queen of Cups King of Cups

Tarot Introduction


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