I've been doing alot of thinking lately and that is why I created this page. I know I will probably be the only one interested in this page, but that's really all that matters. My homepage wasn't created to satisfy the people who surf the net. It was made by me, FOR ME! I have thought alot about what a family site is and isn't and you know it won't matter because everyone sees things differently. What may be a family site to one, may not be a family site to others. But that's okay, because everyone is entitled to freedon of speech. I guess what I'm getting at, is that I'm going to use this page to speak about what is on my mind and if I happen to say something someone else may not like, then that is my choice. You can't censor a thought, a dream, or an idea..
June 12,1999

We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves.
One is not born a woman, one becomes one!

Well, after reading what I wrote last night, I've concluded I was in a mood..~Laugh~ I also think I spoke in a way that will be misunderstood.. I'm not going to trash people or beat them up over the things they believe, but if I want to talk about something that is bothering me, I want to feel I can be free to do so..Get my drift?? ~Laugh~ You know, I actually came across a women's webring that said if your site is all about you, that you couldn't join the ring.. WHAT?? What is wrong with that?? I am a woman and that should be all that matters.. What is wrong with a woman making a site about herself?? To me that is remarkable.. Women make awesome webpages.. Well, I can tell you I won't be joining that ring..~Laugh~
June 13, 1999

To decide, to be at the level of choice, is to take responsibility for your life, and to be in control of your life.


I dream of peace..
I dream of beauty..
I dream of equality..
I dream of a safer world
I dream of harmony
I dream of so many crazy things..
I dream of people joining my webrings..~LOL~
I dream of being a graphic designer
I dream of being accepted for the person I am..
June 20, 1999


What is spirituality??
I have been looking at more spiritual groups to join.. But after reading the creeds and charters, it has made me question my spirituality.. Am I a spiritual being?? I had always believed I was.. Does my homepage reflect that?? I had always thought so, because it reflects me and my beliefs.. And not just the me I let show, but the me I am inside.. There are days I wonder if I have shown too much of myself in these pages.. Do people really care about a person's personal side? I know I do.. When I visit a site, if they have a thoughts or dream page, I visit that first.. I like knowing what is inside someone.. It's like a mirror, it reflects the real person..
June 22, 1999


I believe everyone has a purpose on this earth. I am here to make right the things I did wrong in my previous lives.. I am also here to help people. When I created my Herpes Awareness page, I did so with the intent to help others with the same disease.. My family warned me that I may get negative feedback from it, but so far I haven't. I refuse to be ashamed that I have it. I got it because of stupidity and ignorance and if I can keep people from making the same mistakes, then I will have served that purpose, I believe.
June 22, 1999

I haven't added anything to this page in over a month.. I got wrapped up in other obligations.. I missed sharing my thoughts.. A few things have been on my mind. One is acceptance.. Being accepted.. Feeling accepted.. I signed up to join another online group and wasn't accepted.. At first I was hurt, then I got mad!! Why wasn't I accepted?? You know, I never even got an e-mail telling me.. They just let me sit and wait.. Do they think they are better than me?? I figured it must be my homepage.. Most especially my herpes page.. Maybe they found it offensive.. Why is Herpes offensive and AIDS isn't?? Both are STDs.. But see, being AIDS aware is socially correct.. Herpes isn't..
Then of course, I may have been turned down because I am a witch.. That is something I find intolerable.. How can someone judge someone else by their religious beliefs?? If it wasn't either of them, then what was it?? How many other women did they keep out, just because they weren't suitable, by their standards??? They didn't even have enough compassion to e-mail me and tell me.. GRRR.. I really hate women like that!! But what can I do?? I wouldn't be apart of that group now if you paid me.. ~L~ Closure?? Revenge?? No not those.. RESPECT..
-August 3, 1999

The shadows of the heart are as black as the darkest night. Keeping you from seeking the light of your soul.. Feel the shadows ever changing.. Shifting, passing, moving.. Hiding the glimmering light. Reach out.. Feel.. Know that it is within your reach.. Whispering..It slowly encompasses you.. Wrapping you in it's blanket of peace..
By Lady §tar§hadow
August 3, 1999

Isn't there a dreamer in all of us?

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Isn't there a dreamer in all of us?

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