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Hi!! Don't you just love this background set?? Hehehe.. The moment I saw it I knew I had to have it. Anyways, welcome!! This is my personal section of the Retreat. I decided to do something fun with the rest of my site, but thought I woud put all my personal stuff into one section. If you ever wanted to know about me, then you are in the right spot..~L~ I am very open in these pages.. VERY OPEN!! You may even find something offensive in these pages.. Just depends on your idea of offensive.~Laugh~ And out of all my pages, these were the hardest to create, because sometimes it's hard to admit, you have flaws or have made mistakes.

The poems were written a few years back when I was going through a difficult time. But I kept them around because to me they show how much I have grown, changed and developed into the woman I am. And though these changes were hard, they were necessary.

Below is a list of my pages within this section and farther down you will find a drop box that wil take you to other parts of the retreat. Thanks!! ~Smile~

About Me
Dreams, Wishes & Thoughts
The Wall by Kansas (my favorite band)
My Poems
My WebTV Page

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just let me know..Thanks!!