June 19, 2000
Day 1
Well, I went to the gym today and man am I hurting..*L* I worked on my upper body today and my upper body is hating me so bad..*L* But I felt good.. I really did..

June 20, 2000
Day 2
My arms are pretty sore still.. Today I ran for 20 minutes.. Ooooo, that was rough.. I was on the machine for 2 minutes and didn't think I would make it..*L* But I did and after I had a huge sense of accomplishment.. I have been sticking to the shakes and the meals.. The shakes are delicious and I have come up with a few tastie meals, so that is going well.. Tommorrow I do my lower body... I sure hop my lower body doesn't hate me as much as my upper body does..*L* I put some pressure on my arms while running today and they hurt worse than they did before.. All in all, it was a really good day though..

June 21, 2000
Day 3
Today I worked on my lower body.. My legs are alot stronger than I thought..So far they don't hurt at all but the the guy that manages the gym thinks I overdid it and I won't be able to walk tomorrow.. I sure hope that isn't the case.. I ate good today.. I was tempted a bit once, but I didn't succumb!!! Yahoo!

June 22, 2000
Day 4
I ran today.. Oh geez it was a tough as the first time..*L* It is very hard for me to do this.. It takes every ounce of determination I have to do the 20 minutes.. But I did do it!! Food wise I did good again.. I'm not use to eating this much, so I'm finding that to be a challenge.. I really don't eat alot, I was just eating the wrong foods at the wrong time.. My legs aren't sore at all!! Yeah!! Of course that probably means I didn't push them enough.. *L* It has been a really long week so far...

June 23, 2000
Day 5
I can't believe it's day 5!! I'm feeling very discouraged today.. It is Friday, so it was a busy day.. We went to work out, and then ran errands.. We stopped and got a MetRx shake.. It was good, but I'm not sure if it was healthy..*L* Then we got back late and I missed 2 meals!! That is not good.. I also weighed myself.. Only lost 2 pounds!! I'm not sure what I expected but it was very discouraging!!
Todays workout was upper body.. I don't think I worked it as hard as I did the last time.. I had to lower my weight in a few of the excercises and I'm not sore at all..Hopefully I won't feel as discouraged tomorrow.. I really want to lose this weight.. I hate feeling so fat!! And I hate looking so fat!!

June 24, 2000
Day 6
Today I had an excellent workout!! I ran and it felt good!! It was the first time I didn't feel like dying after 3 minutes into it.. About the 14th minute it started to get tougher, but by then I was over half way done.. Let me explain a little how it is done.. I start out at level five which for me is fast walk. I do that for about two minutes than every minute I go a bit faster until I get to level 9 then I drop back down to my level 6. I do about 4 sets of those.. Then on the last set, after my level 9, I push myself for 1 minute to my level 10. Then for the last minute I go back to my level 6.. I would say the last 3 minutes are the hardest to get through.. But today after I dranka gallon of water, I really felt good.. I'm almost wishing I didn't have my free day tomorrow, I would like to go run again..Hehehe..*S*

Week 1
Well, my first week is over.. And what a week it was.. It really had it's ups and downs, but I made it through without eating anything I wasn't suppose to... I am looking forward to my free day tomorrow though. I want a huge cup of coffee!! I miss my coffee with creamer pretty bad..*L* I think we are going to go and get a Cinnabon roll too and maybe, just maybe, I will go and get me a box of onion petals.. Hehehehe.. I am looking forward to next week.. I guess I'm a very impatient person and I really want to start seeing results!! I will move this page to the achrives and start the new one Monday afternoon.. WooHoo!!! I made it through Week 1!!!! Damn I feel good!!!

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