The Jewel Awards

I offer a few awards.. I am currently working on a couple more.. If you would like to submit your site or someone elses site for an award, please do.. I don't have many rules to follow.. I don't want sites that contain pornography or vulgar language, but I will accept sites that are a bit dark in nature (my hubby has one of those..~L~) as long as they aren't hateful. I also don't require a link back, but it would be appreciated if you did.. That's up to you.. Although, I will have a page of people who won my award and I will add your link to it.. That's good enough for me. I'm not giving awards to increase the amount of visits to my site.. I'm giving them because I believe people deserve recognition for the hard work they have done and achieved..
Also, the form at the bottom is an e-mail for..It's like you are sending an e-mail.. You won't end up on any e-mail list, I'm not very fond of them unless I have specifically asked to be apart of one.. And the e-mail address I will use to mail you your award, is the one you specified... Well that's about it..Please feel free to submit your site and good luck!!!

The first one is the "Diamond Award for Excellence". This award is speaks for itself. If I get a few people sign up for the award, I will do a Site of The Year award in the future

This is the "Emerald Award for Truth". This award will only be given by me. You can't sign up for it.. If you think you might qualify then sign my gustbook and leave a hint..~L~

This is the "Ruby Award For Courage". This award will be given to a person, not to a site.. There are many people out there who have had to show courage to make it through difficult times in their lives and that is what this award represents.

This is the "Sapphire Award For Creativity". This award will be given to sites that are creative. Unusual graphics, layouts, subjects..

This is my "Amethyst Award for Spirituality". This award will be given to sites that are spiritual in nature and it will be given to all faiths.

This is my "Turquoise Award or Friendship". This award will be given to sites that have sections dedicated to their friends. It will also be given by you to your friend.

This is my "Smile Award". This award was made for those homepages that made me smile. This is my fun award..

Please take the time to visit the woderful sites that have recieved one of the Jewel Awards.
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