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When I decided to go ahead and share my story about this nasty disease, my reason behind it was to help people...After I was diagnosed, I felt alone and didn't know how to go about finding information. The doctor who diagnosed me, never offered any brochures and I was in too much shock to ask. I went to my local bookstores and couldn't find any books on herpes.. I found general health books where herpes was mentioned, but nothing on the disease alone. That was very disheartening. And the thought of going to the counter and trying to order a book about it, embarrassed me. If it weren't for a dear friend who worked in a bookstore, I wouldn't have the information I have now.
My goal, in creating this page, is to help people find the information they need and should have...With a disease like herpes, you need to be AWARE!!! Ignorance is not bliss, in this case.

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