Deep Inside
My hurt runs deep
My dreams are shattered
My love is unending
Nothing seems to matter

When nothing seems to matter
I grow silent and hide
Finding a dark corner
Somewhere deep inside

Somewhere deep inside
The words can't tear me apart
I feel safe and protected
Alone in my heart

Alone in my heart
I think I will always hide
The tears flow freely
But only deep inside..

If You Loved Me
If you loved me
You would see
What your silence
Is doing to me

If you loved me
You would know
Why my tears
Continue to flow

If you loved me
You would ask
"What is behind
Your lonely mask?"

If you loved me
You would guess
How much of my life
Is filled with lonliness

If you Loved me
You would take me by the hand
Holding me close
I know you would understand

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The midi playing is BonJovi's Bed of Roses