Looking at the reflection
Knowing what really lies beyond
Lifting the veil that conceals
The mystery of the Shadows
As the butterflies flutter
The Jewel shimmers,
Almost glowing with hope
The heart knows real beauty
The soul is beyond the mask
Who am I?
A Shadow of the Stars?
A reflection beyond the veil?
A jewel who sees the beauty!
~Lady Starshadow

The shadows of the heart are as black as the darkest night.
Keeping you from seeking the light of your soul..
Feel the shadows ever changing..
Shifting, passing, moving..
Hiding the glimmering light.
Reach out..
Know that it is within your reach..
It slowly encompasses you..
Wrapping you in it's blanket of peace..
By Lady §tar§hadow
August 3, 1999

Well, since you are on this page, you must want to know a little about The Mystical Dreamer aka Lady StarShadow aka Trish..*Giggle* I know, alot of names for such a little chick..*L* By little, I mean that I am on the short side.. Hmmm. Now where to start?? *L* I guess I will just do what I do best and ramble..
Well, I am a mom of 4, Tony, Taryn, Dylan and Ryan..Oh and I can't forget my furbaby, Mystic.. *L* I and also married.. I have been now for close to 11 years.. I can't believe it has been that long.. Time sure flies when you are having fun..*G*
I collect coffee mugs.. Love my coffee!! Vanilla Coffee is my favorite!! I also collect jars of various shapes and sizes. I like honest people, people that don't judge, people that are kind, people that are fun..*S* I don't like people that make demands upon me, or that judge before they know all the facts, people that are not willing to forgive, people that want me to be someone I am not, and mostly people that are not tolerant of other people's faiths! Reason being for that last one, is that I am Wiccan. I dislike immensely people who think that their religion is the only religion that is right..That is just plain stupid!
I tend to be very passionate about the things I believe in and very stubborn when it comes to things that I want to do. I spent many years doing things to please others, completely ignoring the things that make me happy. I know sometimes to have to give a little, but I was giving everything I had to make others happy.. I won't do that anymore.. I have to be true to myself too and if people don't understand that there's not a whole lot I can do about that. *S* I have a very giving nature, especially when it comes to my friends, but I was giving a part of my soul for things I didn't believe in..
My friends.... I have made a few good friends. Friends that have really supported me when I needed it and still do. Jo aka Softlady, Shauna aka Lady Butterfly, Babs aka Babs (LOL), Katie aka FL (Fearless Leader), and the Just be Friends egroup aka JBF (Let's see if I can list them all.. Patches, Jas, Kares, Babs, Chaia, SweetDJ, Nakia, LK, HarleyAngel & Tanya) are all very loved by me and have really been there for me.. I don't think I have ever not giggled when Patches says "Mercy".. *L* They listened when I felt that no one else would, they understood the things that were important to me.. I think I have told the JBF group things I have never told a living soul.. My secrets.. I'm glad none of them believe in blackmail..*L* Katie, Babs and Jo have really given my ego a boost when it comes to my graphics. My graphics are something that means alot to me.. I have always loved being creative and doing art and to me graphics are art. And I hope someday to be as good as some of my idols..*L* I do have a few women in the graphics community that I look up to.. Of course they don't know it, but I have loved their work, I have used their work on my pages to make them beautiful. Kitty from Full Moon Graphics, Dana Lea and Dizz.. They do the best work!! If I had just a fraction of their talent, I would be a happy woman. There are a couple of other ladies I look up to for their Graphic Art talents. I am also very proud to be working them at SGM (Sisters of the Golden Moon). Katie, Lipstick, Fawnna, Marcia, Lady Sunshine, Desiree, Kathy, Frandy, Cathi, Laura, and Paula! These ladies Rock!! They are so darn talented, it is amazing.. I sit and watch them and each has their thing they do and do well..*L* It isn't any wonder why I like to call them the Beauty Divas..They are Divas in the truest sense..*S* They are incredible women and I am very proud to be working with them.. *S*
Well, that's me in a nut shell.. I know I'm forgetting alot of stuff, but it's hard to describe yourself on a webpage..*L* I suppose if you want to know more you can just ask..*S* Most of the time you can find me in invisable mode on ICQ..*L* (#64566226) I'm not a big chatter, but I love ICQ..*L* I can chat and play in PSP at the same time.. Best of both worlds..

Purple, ivory, pink
Savage Garden, Warrant and Kansas
Purple agate, Chinese flourite, Sugalite, Moonstones
Sapphire, Onyx, Opal & Emerald
Tarot Deck
Cosmic Tarot
Coney Dogs and Chinese
The Witching Hour by Anne Rice
Patricia Cornwell, Sue Grafton, Danielle Steele, Anne Rice, Jackie Collins, Silver RavenWolf
Roses, lilacs, daisies, sunflowers
TV Show
ER, Real World, and Highlander reruns
Pokemon, Rugrats, Sailor Moon
Adian Paul from the show The Highlander
Celtic, Rock, and Ragtime
Time Periods
Victorian & Medieval
I lived in Munich, Germany for almost 2 years.. I even gave birth to my first son there, in a German hospital.That was an experience...~Laugh~

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