Who is The Lady §tar§hadow??

Since this is my personal page I figured I should tell you a bit about Trish...That's kind of tough for me because I tend to be a very quiet, reserved, shy person. Even online I am that way. I guess I don't let people get too close.
Looking around my pages you probably have an idea of the kinds of things I like.. I love swans, butterflies, flowers, the victorian era and patterns.. But most of all, gems and jewels.. I also like being creative and making my own graphics and gifts.. Ever since I discovered the internet, I have loved lookig for graphics and just admiring the beauty of different graphic styles. But being on a WebTV didn't allow me to try my hand at them. Then I disovered Image Magick! Image Magick is a place online where webtv users can make graphics. I was instantly hooked.. I still, though, find it so frustrating not to be able to do the things I want to do. I have so many ideas for background sets, but limited resources..*Sigh* Very frustrating!! But I will be getting my computer within the next few months and the first thing I'm going to learn to do is use all these graphic programs I hear so much about. I will make graphics!! *Grin*

I have had a interesting and somewhat difficult year.. I have been studying witchcraft for over a year now and still feel as if I have alot to learn.. I have also spent some time trying to rediscover myself. I began to feel as if I lost a piece of myself.. I shut the people around me out and almost lost the one person in my life who has ever treated me with love and respect, and who has never tried to control me or belittle me.. I don't count on much in this life, but I do count on him.. The Hubby.. Hehehehehe..He is my life line.. He also sees a person I don't let anyone else see.. With him I can let my guard down and be goofy and relaxed. With others I come off as being somewhat cold and unfeeling, I think.. I never know what to say to people, so I don't say anything..

I tend to be very passionate about the things I believe in and don't sit back anymore and let others walk all over me.. And yes, I used to do that alot.. I've learned that to please others, you have to please yourself first.. Also you have to be true to the woman and child within.. The child keeps us centered and helps us trust. And most of all, you have to love yourself.. How can you expect the people around you to love you if you don't love yourself?? I went through life staring at myself in the mirror and tearing myself apart.. Hubby is forever telling me I'm my own worst critic..And he's right, I am.. I guess I'm also very sensitive.. It doesn't take much to hurt my feelings.*L* Hubby calls it "Soft-Shelled"..*L*

One of the most difficult things I have went through happened almost a year ago.. I was diagnosed with genital herpes.. For a 29 year old, happily married, completely faithful woman, that was a shock.. I won't go into alot of the details since the story is in the section Awareness. But it was an incredibly painful experience for me, but I lived.

I recently created a webring with all these different things in mind.. The Enlightened Women of the Web.. Right now it is small, but it is finally growing and developing.. I also run another webring called the Ring of Jewels. Both of these rings are very special to me.. They are apart of me.. Silly?? Proabably, but it true.. ~L~ It amazes me that people tend to join webrings to get hits on their pages.. I guess I prefer rings where I can get to know the people with the ring..

There are so many things I like, that I thought it would be easier to make a list below and organize it a bit.. I will probably continue to add things as I think of them..

Purple, ivory, pink
Warrant and Kansas
Purple agate, Chinese flourite, Sugalite, Moonstones
Sapphire, Onyx, Opal & Emerald
Tarot Deck
Cosmic Tarot
Coney Dogs and Chinese
The Witching Hour by Anne Rice
Patricia Cornwell, Sue Grafton, Danielle Steele, Anne Rice, Jackie Collins, Silver RavenWolf
Roses, lilacs, daisies, sunflowers
TV Show
ER & Highlander reruns
Pokemon, Rugrats, Sailor Moon
Adian Paul from the show The Hghlander
Celtic, Rock, and Ragtime
Time Periods
Victorian & Medieval
I lived in Munich, Germany for almost 2 years.. I even gave birth to my first son there, in a German hospital.That was an experience...~Laugh~
Jim, Kay (Nite Pearl), Jo (Softlady), Michele (Peace Fairie), and some special ladies in an e-group called JustBeFriends.

Well, that is me. I tried to make it short and sweet, but when it comes to telling people about yourself, it's kind of hard to do that. I hope I didn't bore you to much.~L~

If you find any bad links
just let me know..Thanks!!


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