Magical Transformations

Merry Meet, fellow pagans.. This is where Lady StarShadow tells all.. *L* Actually this is where I tell you how I got into The Craft and about the effects it has had on my life.. Online I go by the name Lady StarShadow (for now), but in real life I go by the name Trish and in the circle, I am Briar StarFlower.. It's weird because I use Lady StarShadow so much, I think I'm more attuned to that name than my circle name.. *L* I believe over the next few weeks I will be changing my online name to Lady Clotho.. Lately I'm incredibly drawn to that name, which began with a dream in which "Clotho" was standing before me, reaching for me.. Now onto how I started my Pagan ways.....

The Path
I had always been a little interested in witchcraft, but to be honest with you, I had the usual preconceived ideas of what witchcraft was... I thought it was dark and evil and that those who study it were satanists...*L* Well...I was wrong..Big time!! Nothing could be farther from the truth, as you probably already know... I finally got brave and while at my local new age store, I asked which book they recommended for learning witchcraft..I was given "To Ride A Silver Broomstick" by Silver RavenWolf.. After the first couple of chapters I was hooked... Since then, I have been trying to learn all I can about witchcraft.. I don't just want to learn about Celtic witchcraft or Scottish witchcraft...I want to know it all.. Because of this, I have begun to think of myself as an ecclectic solitary witch...

I have only been studying for a short time, a little over a year and a half.... I guess you could say I'm still a baby.. I don't pretend to know everything about the craft...In fact, I'm sure I still have lots to learn and will probably make lots of mistakes...But so far the effects of witchcraft in m life have been positive.. I've used it to make improvements in my life, to help me focus on future goals and it helped me get past a difficult period when I was unsure of what path to follow.. I feel alot happier days...*S*

This is one of my favorite chants.. I use it every morning whe I light my candle of the day.. It comes from a book called "Everyday Magic" by Dorothy Morrison.

I call upon You, Sisters Three
You Who sits beneath Life's Tree,
Bless and watch over me this day.
These things of You Who spin
The thread and yarn of life on whim,
Grant my thread be soft, yet strong
And the essence of my own life's song.
Mighty Lachesis, You Who weave
And measure the cloth of Life with ease,
Weave my life beautifully
With color and texture for all to see.
Mighty Atropos, You Who slice
Life's fabric and thread with a snip precise,
Grant me now another day
To return to thank You-this I pray.
Mghty Ones, oh Sisters Three,
You Who sit beneath the Tree,
For each day I awaken to
Accept the thanks I offer You!


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