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I see you have found the Lady's Room of Jewels. You won't just find jewels, but crystals and stones, as well. I just love jewels and stones. This is Ambrai's favorite room as well. If you look around she is probably hiding here somewhere.~Laugh~
I use stones and crystals alot in my life. I choose my stones to correspond with the day I'm planning or how I'm feeling.. I also use stones when I do magickal rituals.. I find they help me focus better on what I'm doing.. Stones are easy to find now a days.. New Age shops usually carry a large variety of stones. I went to the Michaels Arts and Cafts and found a huge display of stones.. I guess, you never know where they will turn up.. ~Laugh~
On this page, I'm going to give you a rundown of some of my favorite stones.. This list won't be complete.. There are alot of stones and some of them I have never had the pleasure of using.. I will be adding more stones as I use them and will be adding a brief physical description of each stone.

Stones, Gems & Crystals
AmberProtection, healing, strengh, luck
AmethystHealing, psychic abilities, good dreams
BloodstoneBusiness, power, wealth, legal matters, victory
DiamondSpititual growth, protection, reconciliation, purification
EmeraldExorcism. psychic talents, money, protection
GarnetProtection, strength, extra energy, healing
JadeLove, healing, prosperity, wisdom, long life
JetMagick, divination, good luck, protection
Lapis LazuliProtection, courage, spititual growth
MalachiteProsperity, success, power, business
MoonstoneSympathy, love, protection, developng psychic talents, divination
ObsidianGrounding, protecton, divination
OnyxDefense, protection
Quartz CrystalPower, psychic abilities, divination. This stone can be program to suit your needs.. Like a blank canvas..
Rose Quartz"Love Stone", peace, happiness, self love
RubyProtection, success, wealth, power
SunstoneProtection, energy, success, draws money
Tiger's EyeProtection, divination, good luck, money
TopazProtection, love, healing, money
TurquoiseLove, prosperity, friendship, good luck

Well, that's the list so far. You can also use color correspondences with stones as well.. For example, the color green usually is associated wih money. A malachite is green and has to do with business and success.. Another example, pink is a good color for love and friendships and the rose quartz is the pink love stone..
There were a few stones I use that I left out.. Jaspers and agates.. Both types of stones come in a wide variety of colors.. You can use the chart below to get an idea of what each different color stone means.

Below is a small list of colors I use.. I think I covered the basic ones.. For stones, you shouldn't need to use any others.

The Colors
RedEnergy, passion, fast actions, love, courage
OrangeBusiness goals, legal matters, justice, encouragement, attraction
YellowMemory, learning, imagination, friendship, power of the mind, creativity
PinkRomantic love, emotions, peace, romance, maturity
GreenPhysical healing, abundance, growth, fertility, personal goals, faith
BlueWisdom, protection, calming, reassurance, creatvity, joy, truth, fidelity
PurplePsychic abilities, spiritual power, self assurance, sensitivity
BrownInfluence friendships, attract money
BlackProtection, repellng negativity, grounding
WhiteSpirituality, peace, purity
GrayTo hide something, illusion

Dylan's Story

Next I'm going to tell you about my son and his "love stone".. I can't have a page on crystals without telling his little story. ~L~
My middle son Dylan is a very special boy.. He is the most loving out of my four kids.. He's the most loving kid I have ever seen!! One afternoon, he seen a couple of my stones laying on my desk and wanted to hold one, so I let him pick out the stone he wanted.. He picked the Rose Quartz. I explained to him what the love stone symbolized and you couldn't have seen a happier boy..~Laugh~ In his pocket went the stone..We went outside to play for a while and after we came in, I asked Dylan for the stone back.. It was gone, he lost it.. A week later, after gettting myself a new Rose Quartz, I let Dylan hold the new stone and managed to get a promise out of him, that he wouldn't lose it.. It took him ten minutes to lose it.. ~L~ A few weeks later, at our favorite new age shop, the woman who works there gave Dylan a tiny bag with a Quartz Crystal and Rose Quartz inside.. We went home and he went out to play for a while in the backyard, and a little later came back in with the tiny bag and the Quartz Crystal, but the Rose Quartz was gone.~L~ A quartz tends to absorb the energy around it and when Dylan has one, it is absorbing his energy which is primarily made up of love.. When the stone reaches it's capcity, it loses itself.. And the person who finds the stone is a very lucky person.. Now-a-days I keep plenty of Rose Quartz's handy and everyone has been filled with Dylan love.. I let him hold them and when I start finding them around the house I know the have been charged..And Dylan loves to give them as gifts..

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