I haven't made a whole lot friends online. Mostly because I tend to be extremely shy around people I don't know. But the ones I have made are very special to me. Below you will find there pages and a descriptio of how I met them. They are listed in order of who I met first. Why don't you stop and pay them a visit.. They really have some great pages..

~Kay's Place~
A Site for all Seasons

I met Kay through my favorite women's group. She is the founder. Right away, she made me feel very welcome into the group. I didn't realize it then, because CSS was the first group I joined, but that is a rarity with most women groups (I said most, not all ~L~). She is truly an amazing woman.

SoftLady's World

There is a story behind meeting Jo. And guess what, I'm going to tell it..~L~ It started with an e-mail sent to notify members of a webring that the webrings addy needed to be changed. Jo hit reply all and made a suggestion for a message board, to get to know everyone better. I hit reply all and said, "Hey what a great idea!!" Well, that's when it got messy.. ~L~ Never hit reply all to a group e-mail with over 70 people listed on it.. ~L~ Jo and I learned that the hard way.. But it was still a fun afternoon and I made a new friend and created webring because of it. You know what?? If I had to do it again, I woud still hit the reply all.. ~S~
I don't have a banner for Jo's place yet, but I did make her a gift, so I will use that for now.

Sand Between My Toes

Sandee is a fellow CSS member, but her and I didn't start taking until she joined my webring. For some reason my webring didn't want to let her in.~L~ It would not submit her site for nothing. ~L~ And since then she has become my message board buddy..~L~ The webring has a board and we seem to be the only one who uses it. Well, us and Pegboy..~L~ Sandee has a great site. It makes you just want to run out to the beach..~S~ Oh and check out her "Ask Sandee" column, it's very good!!

PeaceFairie aka Michele
Dragonlair Gallery

I met Michele through my guestbook and through my Enlightened Women Webring. She e-mailed me needing help with the fragment. ~S~It's only been a couple of weeks since I met her, but I have already discovered what a great lady she is. Right after she signed my book, I went to visit and nothing was up yet. She as done an amazing job on her site in these few short weeks. Stop and see her beautiful gallery. It is definitely worth the trip!!
I don't have a banner for Peacefairie yet, but I did make her a gift for her page and I think I will just use that for now.

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