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Oh and Happy Holidays!!

The holidays are fast approaching and I still feel like crap.. Wish my mouth would heal.. It is really beginning to get on every nerve I have..

I've been spending a great deal of time in psp lately.. I have this new set, I just can't seem to put together.. I like the look, but it just isn't doing what I want it to do.. I do like the set I have on my main pages now, but as usual, it is just too much.. I need to make my pages sleek and simple..

I'm still trying to come up with a new handle.. Hubby says Lady Diva is a contadictory in terms.. And as usual he is right, but that just seems to be my frame of mind right now.. I do have a name though.. Lady Tish.. I really hate the name Trisha.. Always have.. I think it was my Mom's sick and twisted idea of a joke.. *L* My Dad tends to call me by my given name Trisha Jean, but I hate that too.. So I thought I would shorten it to Tish. Aka Lady Tish. Aka LT which goes well with DLT Graphics Studio. DLT was suppose to stand for DreamLand Trinkets, but who's to say it can't also mean Devious Lady Tish or Delightful Lady Tish or even Diva Lady Tish?? *L* So Lady Tish is who I am or maybe who I was suppose to be..

I have been thinking about that term Diva.. A Diva to me is all women. Who is to say that this woman or that woman isn't a Diva? Who makes up the rules? You know, I once tried to join The Divas of the Net and wasn't accepted.. At time I was pretty ticked off, although, I realized later, that I was glad they didn't accept me. I never really knew why they didn't accept me, although I have my suspicions that it was because I belonged to a different women's group that they didn't like. I will never know the real reason and frankly don't really care anymore. I may not belong to one of these "Diva" women's, but I am a Diva.. I walk with my head held high, I have strength, I have courage, I have grace and I am skillful and talented in my chosen field. And I am proud to call myself a Diva..

Now this is what this Blog is for!! Hahahahahahaha

I think I am too tired for this tonight.. I can't seem to get my thoughts straight.. I'm up one minute and down the next. Just took a pain killer and it knocked me on my butt.. The pain in my mouth isn't as intense as was Monday, but it still bothering me quite a bit..

I got the graphics for my blogs updated today.. This one and my personal one turned out pretty nice.. Now to find time to really post in them..*S*

Off to bed.. This just isn't working tonight.. *S*

I guess this is "technically" my first real post on my blog.. Yippee.. I'm still playing with it.. I don't like the graphics and I am trying come up with a layout.. Feeling really uncreative at the moment.. Really just plain don't feel well.. My mouth is killing me and depression has hit.. Really isn't a good day..

I have decided to change my online name to Lady Diva.. I know it is going to be alot of work, but it is something I really need to do.. Lady StarShadow just doesn't fit me anymore.. Time for a change.. Lady Diva really fits the mood I am in lately..

I guess I am off to work on some graphics or maybe I will just go to bed.. Really feel like crap tonight..

Hi there.. I seen this really neat program on someone's webpage and I just had to give it a try.. So, this is a test to see what happens..Wish me luck!! I think I am going to need it..