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Welcome to the Retreat.. Before you step through the door into the Retreat, please know that alot of love and care went into the creation of these pages.. I would also like you to know that these pages were not made to be child friendly.. They were made for me.. This is where mom goes to be a grown up... But rest assured, you won't find nudity or vulgar words or hate, but you may find pages that focus on adult topics or health issues..

According to Webster's Dictionary the word retreat means: To withdraw to a safe or private place; a safe, quiet. or secluded place; and a period of retirement or seclusion, especially for spiritual renewal.
I liked all the definitions. That is the way I see my little home on the web. There's nothing I like more, than after a long day of being a mom to 4 kids, to just lose myself in playing with my little cyber home. I guess it really is my retreat. I hope you will stay and look around a bit..

Guess what?? The Retreat is about to have it's 2000th visitor!! Is it you?? If it is then I have a special gift for you.. If this counter says 2000, then e-mail me at and I will send you your gift.. Thank you so much for visiting me at The Retreat!! *Great Big Hugs*


Silent pleas,
Buried deep,
Always secret
Dreams to keep
-By Lady

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I recieved this gift from someone in my favorite e-group, just because I was feeling disappointed in a secret sister program I participated in.. Isn't it pretty?? Thank you so much!!!((Hugs))

This was given to me by a dear friend OceanAngel.I knew instantly I just had to put it on my front page..*Grin*

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