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There's a part of every living thing
that wants to become itself:
the tadpole into the frog,
the chrysalis into the butterfly,
a damaged human being into a
whole one.
That is spirituality.
-Ellen Bass

Greetings..I'm Lady StarShadow, aka Trish (~Laugh~), and this is my little retreat.. Thank you so much for stopping by..

Well, I'm finally making some changes..Over the next few months I will be moving things around, updating pages and doing something different with the House of Shadows and maybe even be adding butterfly adoptions..I also maybe changing the name as well.. I was thinking about Lady Clotho's ..What do you think?? I guess we will just wait and see.. *L*

I guess I should also mention that this site was made with a webtv and because of this some of things on my pages may not look exactly the way they were intended to look...I'm sorry about that.. Trust me, the pages look great to me.. *L* But, I'm finding it hard to make my page compatable for both, but I am working on it...
Thank you for stopping by and I hope you will enjoy the rest of your visit here at my retreat..

Last Updated: January 7, 2000

*I decided to make myself a b-day page so that I could have a place to put the beautiful gifts I have received so far.. I really hadn't planned on making a big deal about it, it is just a birthday.. *L* But, I fgued it isn't everyday you turn 30, so here is the page I made to celebrate a little bit..
Birthday Page

There came a time when the risk
to remain tight in a bud
was more painful
than the time it took to blossom.
Anaïs Nin

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Look beyond what your eyes can see,
Or you may never see what is really there.
- Lady StarShadow


Look deep within your inner self
Feel your soul take new flight
Listen to the laughter in your heart
The child inside smiles with delight

The goddess just waits to emerge
As the dawn turns to night.
Who can this be residing withn?
A star that shines ever so bright
- Lady StarShadow

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