Happy Birthday Jim aka BlackestKnight aka BK *Grin*.. Oh and one more thing..


Let see... Where to start?? Well, on December 8, 1965, a beautiful little boy was born.. This beautiful little boy was then taken from his parents by aliens.. See, they were in the neighborhood and thought this little boy was interesting.. And in this little boys place, they left one of their own.. Jim... Hahaha.. Just kidding.. Actually Jim was born here on Earth, although if you ask him, he would probably tell you the story I just told you.. *Laugh*

Well honey.. You are probably pretty surprised by this page.. See, I can keep a secret.. *Smirk* I wanted to get you something special for your Birthday and didn't know what to get you.. I thought I would make you something and figured I would do what I do best and Ta-Da!! Here it is.. Below are some odds and ends I have picked up off the internet and maybe a few special surprises.. Don't forget to check the guestbook, Hon.. I think you will be surprised..*EG* Love you, Honey..

What kind of birthday would it be, without a cake?? I think we need the fire extinguisher for this one.. That's alot of candles.. *L*

I think the party is ready to start!! Hehehehe