Words For You

There is so much I want to say
I keep trying to find the right words
Your love has brought me so much joy
But will my words be heard

Your tender caresses
So loving, so light
Touching my heart
Making everything alright

When you walk through the door
My heart beats so fast
You give me your look of love
That I hope will always last

Your hand reaches for mine
Giving it a squeeze
Our fingers intertwine
"Don't let go of me, please"

You pull me onto your lap
Holding me close to you
Whispering the words I love to hear
Making me smile all the way through

You've touched me in places
No one has ever seen
Giving your love so freely
Making me feel like a queen

Will you take me in your arms
And hold me through the night?
Making me feel safe and loved
Filling my heart with delight

Looking back over the years
I wonder why you chose me
Did you see something in my heart?
Something no one else can see?

The way I feel about you
I will never be able to explain
You've made me so happy
And taken away all the pain

Please always know
I love you in a way
That makes me smile inside
But using words I don't know how to say

I have been working on this poem and this page for a week now..I know the poem isn't as good as yours are, but I hope that you liked it anyways.. I love you, my wonderful Sweetheart.. I just wanted to tell you how much.. And since I'm not very good at saying all the words, I thought I would try to write them... They just don't come to me as easy as they come to you..I don't think this poem will make it to my poem page though..This is one for you..Oh!! And by the way, I'm sorry about the coffee this morning.. I just now realized I forgot..*L* Thank you for loving me so good.. You will never know just how much it really means to me.. Damn, I had better stop this before I start to cry..*L* I love you!!!