This is a page I've put aside for some causes I really believe in.. Please take the time to look through them..

I have been thinking alot about the causes I wanted to put on this page.. I came up with some that really stopped and made me think, but something was still missing.. I surfed through some sites and it struck me something was missing.. I have seen signs to support MIA/POWS (our forgotten heros) and I have seen signs to support our troops in Bosnia, but what about the other forgotten heros?? My husband left me and our 3 month yr old son in Germany for 6 months, to go fight a war.. A war I didn't really feel was right.. But that was his job, he had to go and fight for our country.. That was his duty.. How is it, you don't see alot about it anymore?? Because the war is over?? Well, for me it isn't over.. All I have to do is look at my husband and children and know it isn't over.. The gulf war veterans still need help.. They aren't getting better, they are getting worse.. To me this is a very personal cause, and a very important one.. For the moment, here are some links to help sites, but I'm going to work on creating a sign for this section.. I wo't let these heroes be forgotten!! Nor will I let the children and spouses that suffer the effects of the Persian Gulf syndrome be forgotten either!!

A resource for battered women.

I'm not sure if this one is really considered a cause, but it is something that means a great deal to me.. So many people that believe their chosen religion is the only religion that is right and put down people of other religions.. I think everyone needs to be more tolerent..

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