I think this page will be the toughest for me to make. My husband and closest friends aren't quite sure about my idea to make this page. They are afraid that I'm setting myself up for alot of negativity and hurt. What can I say, they love me alot. ~Smile~ Maybe I am asking for trouble. Maybe I'm not thinking this through. Or maybe I just want to help people become more aware about STD's, herpes in particular, that none of the other stuff really matters. Putting these pages together is a very hard thing for me to do. But I want people to know they aren't alone. When I started searching the internet for sites abot herpes, I found alot of big sites, but nothing very personal.. Where were the people like myself hiding?? And that is exactly what they are doing..Hiding.. But who can blame them? I hid.. But not anymore. I caught this disease from carelessness and I thank the powers that be that it wasn't worse. I could have aids instead.. When I began to tell myself that, I went from being "the poor little me" person, to the "lets fight this damn disease" person. The statistics for people who have the disease and don't know it are staggering. One of the STD helplines said something that really stuck me. If it didn't lie dormant in alot of people, we would be facing an epidemic. I had it for at least 12 years and never knew, because I was ignorant to the signs of the disease. Do you know the signs? And what do you think those little cold sores are that you get on your mouth? Herpes!!!
I'm going to stop the lecturing here. The rest of these pages include my personal story and a help center. My hope is to help someone with this disease, the way my husband and close friends helped me.

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